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Vinyl Rewind’s Final Thoughts on ‘Animals’ By Pink Floyd If you know anything about me, then you know Pink Floyd has been one of my favorite groups for a number of years, with their 1977 release, Animals, being one of my favorite records. Nevertheless, Vinyl Rewind recently did a ‘final thought’ video on Animals. The channel spent so much time researching and reviewing

Oud Masters on Vinyl | Vinyl Rewind Discovering new music has always been an essential part of my musical interest and taste, especially as of late. Given that the pandemic has made it extraordinarily boring throughout most of the year, you might as well take the time to dive into new genres. Recently, My Analog Journal did a video for Oud

Vinyl Rewind’s Spooky Soundtracks by Waxwork Records Halloween is here, a holiday that has always never really interested me, but I can understand the appeal so many people have for it. Dressing up as a specific character from a film or taking a darker turn into a ghoul is always a creative endeavor that’s worth respecting from the people that do

Vinyl Rewind’s Top Ten Albums of 1969 As I prepare to make my top music lists for the conclusion of the year, I’ve been checking out some various lists from writers and YouTubers I admire. More specifically, Vinyl Rewind is a compelling channel that details itself as being your home for vinyl related content on YouTube. Each week, new uploads feature