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Vinyl Rewind’s Vinyl Room

I haven’t shared a video from Vinyl Rewind in a minute and I feel like that needs to change. They recently did a video sharing their vinyl room and what a delightful video this is. Who doesn’t love checking out a person’s vinyl collection and set-up? Besides showing their nearly completed room for their vinyl

Vinyl Sales Top CDs For The First Time Since 1986

In early September, a report from the recording industry has concluded that vinyl sales have outsold CDs for the first time since 1986. The report comes after physical copies of music have been greatly out favored by digital formats, but the small revival of vinyl records has brought that area back to the forefront.  

The Pride in Owning Vinyl Records

For vinyl lovers, we’re constantly asked by those that haven’t entirely caught onto the craze about our appreciation for vinyl records. Whether those asking the question know it or not, the answers are quite simple and are pretty much always the same no matter who you ask. You might discuss the warmer sound, better sound