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UK Jazz and Groove with Tina Edwards I’m currently on a run with SPACED and haven’t had a lot of time to write. Regardless, here is a UK Jazz and Groove playlist from My Analog Journal. As said on the channel, Tina Edwards is a London-based broadcaster, DJ, and music journalist, recognized for being an early and ongoing champion of the

UK Jazz Mix It is Saturday! A day that happens to be most people’s favorite day of the week, but as I age, there tends to not be a distinction between any of these agrarian days. Still, I had a great day today record shopping and watching the Yankees game with a few of my friends. I’m

UK Jazz on Vinyl with Yemeksepeti Banabi | My Analog Journal As I prepare my best albums of 2020 list, My Analog Journal has played a primary role in the music I listen to while editing. I plan on releasing my favorite records of the year by the end of the week and I look forward to doing so. As terrible as this year has