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Super American – “relax and float downstream” (acoustic) Who doesn’t love a new Super American track? Above is an acoustic rendition of relax and float downstream off of their upcoming record SUP. It was filmed at Bittersweet Studios in Philadelphia, PA. Check it out! Pre-order ‘SUP’ here Lyrics:  why can’t i drink coffee anymore? how come getting fucked up isn’t giving me

Live Music Recommendations #63 – Super American – Big Day In: 2020 (LIVE AT GCR AUDIO) Super American perform a live set for WUB Music at GCR Audio in Buffalo, NY. Originally aired December 13, 2020. Engineered & Mixed by Jay Zubricky Video by Aidan Licker 1. Commitment Issues 2. Neon Lights 3. Estoy Eternamente Lo Siento 4. Chlorine Fight Song 5. Untitled 6. Why We’re in the Streets 7.