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90s Midwest Emo Doomer Playlist

Below is a fantastic 90s midwest emo doomer playlist I stumbled upon today. I’m not sure why I have such an infatuation with these playlists, but I love them. Regardless, I hope you have a great day and enjoy this midwest emo playlist. Tracklist 0:00 1) Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles 4:55 2)

The Genius of Sunny Day Real Estate

If you were to ask me what band has had the most influence on the way I approach the guitar, Sunny Day Real Estate is most certainly at the top of the list. After forming in Seattle in 1992 and releasing their critically acclaimed debut album Diary in 1994, Sunny Day Real Estate helped establish

Live Music Recommendations #3 – Sunny Day Real Estate Live VHS (1999) There isn’t anything I miss more than live music. Fortunately enough, platforms like YouTube grant me some form of relief by allowing me the ability to watch live concerts from the past. This post of Live Music Recommendations features a performance by emo-rock pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate. As I’ve spoken in previous articles,

Music Recommendations #9

Music Recommendations is a series of blogs dedicated to recommending music I find enjoyable. These blogs will cover a wide range of music I’ve recently discovered or have enjoyed for a long time. My purpose in writing these blogs is to promote positivity and happiness pertaining to music, rather than be critical of music I