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Order My Bands Debut 12″ | SPACED – Spaced Jams

SPACED released a compilation of our entire discography plus three new songs on Friday, titled Spaced Jams. I’m gassed to finally have something printed on vinyl, so consider ordering one here. Tracklist 1. Prove You Wrong 2. Tear It Apart 3. Point of View 4. Not Like You 5. Bad Energy 6. Your Universe 7.

Amazing Record Stores – Sonic Boom in Toronto, ON

I’m currently having the time of my life while on tour with SPACED for Like Pacific’s Control My Insanity Tour. Every band rules and nothing is better than ripping gigs and exploring the cities around them. Last night, we had the pleasure of playing at Hard Luck in Toronto, and of course, I had to

Back in Buffalo | SPACED Mini Tour Recap April 2022

Yet another mini-tour is in the books with SPACED and I can’t be more stoked. I have the time of my life ripping these gigs, and most importantly, love visiting record shops on the road. We played in Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Allentown PA, and Scotia NY, all of which ruled. Nevertheless, I bought the

Another Gig With SPACED | Brooklyn

There is a sense of chaos and beauty in a place like NYC. SPACED had the opportunity to rip a gig at Sovereign in Brooklyn with Kharma, DARE, Shackled, and a perfect world. It was an enjoyable experience as always and reminded me yet again why I love hardcore so much. Can’t recommend it enough