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Live Music Recommendations #39 – Sonic Youth Full Set | From The Basement Sonic Youth has been a massive influence on my interest in music since I remember first listening to them in middle school. It’s a shame the group is no longer a thing, but I’ll always cherish the number of great records and performances they put on throughout their career. Above is their 2007 performance

Sonic Youth Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of ‘Washing Machine’

Iconic noise-rock and alternative rock pioneers Sonic Youth have recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their 9th record Washing Machine. Since it’s release in 1995, Washing Machine remains one of the group’s most ambitious work, taking a deeper dive into the experimental realm the group had previously done in their career.   To celebrate the

In Conversation with Thurston Moore | The Great Escape Festival 2019 | Fender Noise-rock and experimental rock, in general, wouldn’t be where it is today without the stylings of Sonic Youth. Since forming in 1981, Sonic Youth developed into an iconic noise and alternative rock sound since their debut record Confusion is Sex. Throughout their 30 year history, the group released 14 full-length studio albums, many of

Live Music Recommendations #15 – Sonic Youth – Live at Campo Pequeno Lisboa 1993 Yet another live music recommendation is upon us, which always seems to brighten up my day. As mundane or tedious each day seems, at least we have music to cheer us up. Although that statement is a bit of cheese-fest, does it matter all that much? I can go on forever, but who cares