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Live Music Recommendations #54 – Rush – La Villa Strangiato at Pinkpop 1979 Today has been a great day solely because it was a new record day for me. After going to the doctors for my yearly physical, I decided to head to a new record shop twenty minutes away from my house. I’m glad I did because I found a number of fantastic records, including Hemispheres

Live Music Recommendations #8 – Rush – Live in Rio 2003 As far as rock and progressive rock music are concerned, it’s hard to find a better group than Rush. Since Neil Peart’s passing in January this year, I found myself diving back into Rush’s discography. Considering they were one of my favorite bands growing up, it was nostalgic and a breathe of familiar air,

Top 5 Music Documentaries to Check Out

Documentaries are a fantastic way to dive into any subject matter and learn a vast amount of information fairly quickly. Whether it’s a smash hit of a documentary like Tiger King or something more Indie, who doesn’t love a good documentary?   Over the years, I have watched numerous music documentaries that have blown me