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Rolling Stone’s Top 200 Rap Albums

Rolling Stone recently wrote an article on the Top 200 Rap Albums and in typical Rolling Stone list fashion, the list is a bit rough. Truthfully, I feel like the list was perfectly formulated to evoke as much rage as possible from the average reader. Who knows, maybe I’m just a jerk. Regardless, check out

Quentin Tarantino on Chungking Express

I can’t get enough of Wong Kar-wai’s films lately, with this video from Quentin Tarantino discussing Chungking Express highlighting everything why this film is perfect. In his usual sporadic fashion, Tarantino discusses some core points of what you should know about Chungking Express and why it’s such a great film. Check it out! Joe

What I Watched in April – 2022 Movie Viewing List

I can’t get enough movies in my life. There is something magical about sitting down and viewing a film, whether it’s in a theatre or home setting. As I’ve done throughout the year, here is my current 2022 movie viewing list, with April consisting of a hefty list. Also, follow me on Letterboxd here. Scale

Spencer (2021) Movie Review

I’ve been a fan of film and cinema for as long as I could remember, with this past year being a constant influx of great films for my digestion. Thankfully, I’ve been a writer for The Monthly Film Festival to share my love of film in a writing capacity. Thought I’d share some of film