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Essential Jazz Albums to Own On Vinyl

Starting a record collection may appear daunting, but it’s pretty enjoyable, particularly in the world of jazz. To help, I compiled a few essential jazz albums to own on vinyl. Even if you’re not the most significant jazz fan, it’s worth giving these albums a listen. Click on their respective links or image if interested.

Record Safari | Digging In The Crates

I recently stumbled across this documentary on YouTube titled Record Safari – Digging in the Crates of America. Anything record-related tends to catch my eye and this was a really solid documentary. As said in the video:   Since its invention over 100 years ago, the vinyl record has revolutionized the way people hear and

90s Hip-Hop records at Mastersounds HQ | My Analog Journal

Yet another video from My Analog Journal, this time featuring 90s Hip-Hop records. Nevertheless, I hope your week is going well. I’m finally able to leave quarantine (with a mask on). Maybe I’ll go to a park tomorrow. Woo-hoo. From My Analog Journal Ryan Shaw is a DJ, record collector, and founder of the multi-award-winning

The Joy Of Collecting Vinyl

I’ve been on a tear as of late with collecting vinyl. It’s gotten to a point where my daily life encompasses some form of vinyl shopping online. Though I’m not purchasing vinyl every day, I’m certainly viewing and making lists of records I wish I had; some new, some old. The polyvinyl chloride analog sound