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Vinyl Rewind’s Vinyl Room

I haven’t shared a video from Vinyl Rewind in a minute and I feel like that needs to change. They recently did a video sharing their vinyl room and what a delightful video this is. Who doesn’t love checking out a person’s vinyl collection and set-up? Besides showing their nearly completed room for their vinyl

Stumbling Into a Record Pop-Up Store

I didn’t expect to buy some records today, but here we are. After playing a round of frisbee golf with my brother Anthony (embarrassing I know), my mother called me informing me of a record pop-up store she saw while getting a haircut. The pop-up store was only 20 minutes from me so I figured

The Archive – The World’s Largest Record Collection I’ve been consuming as many vinyl-oriented videos on YouTube since my recent love and investment into vinyl records. Upon searching, I discovered the video above, which was an official selection for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The video discusses the world’s largest record collection, highlighting the story of a man and his records. Paul

Spavid (1993) | Unrecognized Record Finds Being a music fanatic myself, I tend to seek out obscure records as often as I can. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience to constantly be on the look for a record I never heard of that could be my new favorite record. Although the majority of these obscure records end up being a waste