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Happy Record Store Day 2!

Today is July 17th, 2021, which means it’s Record Store Day 2! I hope you got to head out and enjoy the second day of the year that celebrates vinyl and music as a whole. I managed to get up around 6 AM and head out with my friend Trevor to wait in line in

Happy Record Store Day!

Today was my first true record store day experience (outside of going a few years ago before I got interested in vinyl), and it was a jovial experience. My friend Trevor and I went to our favorite spot, Black Dots, around 7:30 AM and sat in a line until 9:20 when it was our time

Record Store Day 2021 Schedule

The greatest time of year is around the corner with the annual celebration of vinyl and music on Record Store Day. This year is especially worthwhile in the vinyl medium since the day falls on two days: June 12th and July 17th. I plan on going to my favorite record store right at 8 AM