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Vinyl Rewind’s Vinyl Room

I haven’t shared a video from Vinyl Rewind in a minute and I feel like that needs to change. They recently did a video sharing their vinyl room and what a delightful video this is. Who doesn’t love checking out a person’s vinyl collection and set-up? Besides showing their nearly completed room for their vinyl

My End Of Year Record Collection – Vinyl 2021

One last list to visit before my favorite albums and favorite movies list is my end-of-year record collection. These are all of the albums I currently own, and I couldn’t be more thankful to get into this particular hobby. Check it out! An arbitrary record collection of Joe _ Morganti. 12” Bauhaus – In The

The Appeal Of Buying a Record Collection

I rolled around in my misery wondering what the point of being a sports fan was after the Bills devastating loss, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram waiting for something to get my mind off the matter. Fortunately, I came across a post from my friend Alex listing a number of his 45s for sale.  Though I