Live Music Recommendations #6 – Lianne La Havas – Weird Fishes Live

If I haven’t stated it enough throughout this website, I love Radiohead. Like anyone else, whenever I hear someone do an interesting cover of one of my favorite groups, I become immediately interested. Nonetheless, Lianne La Havas recently released her third full-length album titled ‘Lianne La Havas’. Her recent self-titled released intrigued me because it

Live Music Recommendations #1 Radiohead – Live in Belfort (1997) Outside of various recorded music, I have an equal love for live music. Given the current quarantine and lack of live shows, I find myself taking deep dives onto YouTube watching live performances of some of my favorite bands.    Nonetheless, this is Live Music Recommendations, a series of blogs dedicated to recommending live

Great Albums From the Year I Was Born (1997)

This is a bit of a reach and a personal niche, but it’s somewhat intriguing. As I age, I tend to look back at records from my life and see what they represent in my own personal music taste. In an even more specific niche, I feel an odd need to list off great albums