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Discography Ranked: Radiohead

Welcome to Discography Ranked, a series of blogs dedicated to ranking an artist’s entire discography. Whether you’re a fan of this artist or not, my opinion on the matter is completely idiosyncratic. We’re all entitled to our own opinions.   Since their first album release in 1993, Radiohead has gone from a basic compiling of

Why is OK COMPUTER so good? | Middle 8 I’ve discussed my love for Radiohead numerous times on this site, with their third record, Ok Computer, being one of my favorite records of all time. Given that my love for the group is fairly obvious to anyone who knows me, you can easily assume that any video regarding the group and any of

Live Music Recommendations #30 – Thom Yorke – Everything in Its Right Place – Radio 1 Piano Sessions Dialed back shows have always been an interest of mine, especially to see how a particular artist can do a rendition of one of their tracks. Usually, a dialed-back session demonstrates an intriguing showing of the musicianship associated with an artist. Of course, my preference tends to favor the full-on live version of a

A Closer Look At Radiohead’s Kid A Recently, I wrote an article about the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s Kid A. Since being released in 2000, Kid A has emerged as one of the group’s most groundbreaking and notable records from their entire history. Regardless if you’re a fan of the group or not, every music fanatic should take a thorough listen