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RADIOHEAD: A Job That Slowly Kills You I’m stuck in a strange position, graduating from college in 2020 and in the midst of music while working in between through various freelance writing work. I suppose my current situation, like so many others, is the fear of a job that slowly kills you. Though corny, the idea of a standard living situation

An Analysis of OK Computer If you know anything about me, then you know I’m a massive Radiohead fan and specifically love Ok Computer. I think the record is perfect, and it’s been a significant portion of my life since I was 13. Stemp has a great video analyzing the record, diving deep into what makes it so unique.

The Joy Of Collecting Vinyl

I’ve been on a tear as of late with collecting vinyl. It’s gotten to a point where my daily life encompasses some form of vinyl shopping online. Though I’m not purchasing vinyl every day, I’m certainly viewing and making lists of records I wish I had; some new, some old. The polyvinyl chloride analog sound

My Vinyl Records Collection – April 2022

What a beautiful day to be alive as I’m preparing to leave for a quick run with SPACED tomorrow. I look forward to stopping at a few record stores during the run as well. Regardless here is an arbitrary record collection of Joe _ Morganti. Bauhaus – In The Flat Field Beatles – Abbey Road