A Closer Look At Radiohead’s Kid A Recently, I wrote an article about the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s Kid A. Since being released in 2000, Kid A has emerged as one of the group’s most groundbreaking and notable records from their entire history. Regardless if you’re a fan of the group or not, every music fanatic should take a thorough listen

The 20th Anniversary of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ and How it Shaped The Band’s Career

On October 2nd, 2000, Radiohead released their fourth full-length record, an album that shaped the band’s career and how their sound would be moving forward. Rather than put together another guitar-driven alternative rock album, the group felt distraught and pushed themselves to experiment with elements of electronica, experimental rock, and moments of post-rock. Today, Kid

A Look at My Favorite Album of All Time

Lately, I found myself venturing into a random compilation of my favorite records. Although I’m not completely done with the list, I want to a deep dive into my favorite record of all time. Other spots on my top 50 albums list tend to change as time goes on, but this record has been my

Live Music Recommendations #6 – Lianne La Havas – Weird Fishes Live

If I haven’t stated it enough throughout this website, I love Radiohead. Like anyone else, whenever I hear someone do an interesting cover of one of my favorite groups, I become immediately interested. Nonetheless, Lianne La Havas recently released her third full-length album titled ‘Lianne La Havas’. Her recent self-titled released intrigued me because it