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A Midwest Emo Mixtape

I’m not sure what it is about midwest Emo that strikes a chord within me so well. Some of it is a guilty pleasure, but some of the bands truly do rock. I’m looking forward to making a record in this genre in a few months. Who knows what it’ll be called band-wise, though I’d

Before 1976: How Punk Became Punk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHYwxbVW-ho For those of you that know me, it’s no secret that most of my musical upbringing was a direct result of punk rock. As cliche or as urban outfitters of a statement that seems, it’s the substance behind why I picked up a guitar in the first place. Lately, I’ve been diving back into

25 Years Of Punk Documentary (VH1 All Access)

When I was younger, I had an infatuation with documentaries, especially ones that were in the music realm. I especially viewed documentaries regarding my favorite bands such as Nirvana, Rush, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, etc. Even today, I still enjoy a solid music documentary and often look back on some documentaries I viewed when I

Iconic Punk Albums

Since the inception of punk, there have been countless records, demos, bands, and artists alike that have propelled the genre to the forefront of music. Whether you’re a fan of punk music or not aware of it, the legacy behind punk is challenging to discount for any individual. Like any other music genre, there are