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Pitchfork Changed Their Scores On 19 Albums

There is nothing better than a solid music site like Pitchfork that highlights such a large number of great releases every year. Although I strongly disagree with a number of their reviews, it’s still a useful tool to see what they feel are strong releases. Recently, Pitchfork discussed the notion of how writing is rewriting,

Mike WiLL Made-It Explains How He Builds Songs for Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé | Pitchfork

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmdUfwPltn4 Speaking for myself, I’ve always enjoyed learning about how a musician goes about their craft. Whether that craft is in reference to rehearsing, building-tracks, writing songs, or anything for that matter. It’s intriguing to see how people vary in this regard, especially when most share the common goal of creating an expressive work of

Pitchfork Announces Their 50 Best Albums of 2020

The almighty Pitchfork has released their top 50 best albums of 2020 list. Given that Pitchfork has a particular amount of respect from people throughout the industry and fanatics of music in general, a list like this is always great to see for people who want to check out all-around great records. Plus, it’s useful