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The Joy Of Collecting Vinyl

I’ve been on a tear as of late with collecting vinyl. It’s gotten to a point where my daily life encompasses some form of vinyl shopping online. Though I’m not purchasing vinyl every day, I’m certainly viewing and making lists of records I wish I had; some new, some old. The polyvinyl chloride analog sound

My Vinyl Records Collection – April 2022

What a beautiful day to be alive as I’m preparing to leave for a quick run with SPACED tomorrow. I look forward to stopping at a few record stores during the run as well. Regardless here is an arbitrary record collection of Joe _ Morganti. Bauhaus – In The Flat Field Beatles – Abbey Road

Pink Floyd ‎- Animals, alternative takes/demos 00:00 Pigs On The Wing Parts 1 & 2 03:24 Dogs 16:49 Pigs (Three Different Ones) 28:18 Sheep 38:47 Pigs (Single Mix) David Gilmour lead vocals, guitars, bass Roger Waters lead vocals & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, bass Nick Mason drums, percussion Richard Wright keyboards, backing vocals Snowy White lead guitar Joe

How Pink Floyd made The Wall album, tour, and film | Vinyl Rewind As I’ve already mentioned numerous times, whenever I see a video regarding Pink Floyd, I typically click on it to either learn or reminisce about one of my favorite bands. Regardless, above is a fantastic video from Vinyl Rewind that discussed how Pink Floyd made The Wall album, tour, and film. Check it out!