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How Pink Floyd Made Animals | Vinyl Rewind Vinyl Rewind recently dropped a mini-documentary about Pink Floyd and the making of their 1977 record, Animals. For those of you who might have picked up on my obsession with Pink Floyd and more specifically, Animals, then you can easily assume and put together why a video like this would interest me so greatly.

Live Music Recommendations #14 – Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There? (1980) Considering I’ve written about Pink Floyd an endless amount number of times on this website, why not write about them again? This Live Music Recommendation features a performance by Pink Floyd from The Wall Live Tour on August 9, 1980.  Is There Anybody Out There? isn’t amongst the group’s most notable work, but it’s

Albums to Meditate to

Meditation is an interesting practice that most individuals don’t do. Despite its lack of mainstream appeal, meditation has a strong niche attached to it, and for the right reasons.  For the most part, benefits linked to meditation include the ability to manage stress, increased self-awareness, a focused presence, reduced negative emotion, and much more. Of

Live Music Recommendations #4 – Pink Floyd Live Astronomy Domine (1968) Although Pink Floyd is primarily known for their string of records in the 1970s, the group made headlines with their incredibly unprecedented and versatile sound demonstrated in the late 1960s.    Originally fronted by Syd Barrett until 1968, even the group’s early work was a clear example of how Pink Floyd was decades ahead