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My First Concert Back Since The Pandemic Began

2020 was a longspun, tiresome, and fear-driven year that so many people feel a discernment of relatability with. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic feels like a fever dream at this point, wondering if what we all just went through was a reality or not. More or less questioning if one day we’ll just wake up from

How the Music Community is Being Affected by the Pandemic

Perspective creates gratitude, a notion that’s representative of countless musicians around the world who are missing out on touring and playing shows. Although it’s difficult to look at any specific scenario in this new reality and complain about it, musicians and entertainers in general, have been severely affected by it. If you told someone a

How Will Music Look in 2021?

With the ongoing pandemic, many music fans and musicians are uncertain about what to expect in the upcoming year. It’s safe to say the rest of 2020 is a wash for any live concerts, but how will this notion translate next year and the years to follow? As heartbreaking as it is for us to

Will Concerts Come Back?

Whether you’re a musician or a fan of music, you’re most likely waiting for the day live music makes it remarkable return. No matter the guidelines or exact requirements for a live show to happen, we’re all in a sense of purgatory waiting for our favorite experiences to return back to normality. Although some states