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Salsa Records from Venezuela with Gia Fu

Wow, yet another My Analog Journal video on OutOfShapeMusic. Who would’ve guessed! As said best in the salsa records video, Gia Fu is a DJ, selector, and producer based in Hong Kong. She primarily focuses on digging and spinning Salsa and mambo gems everywhere she goes, also diving deep into all Afro-Latin music, disco, and

The Joy Of Collecting Vinyl

I’ve been on a tear as of late with collecting vinyl. It’s gotten to a point where my daily life encompasses some form of vinyl shopping online. Though I’m not purchasing vinyl every day, I’m certainly viewing and making lists of records I wish I had; some new, some old. The polyvinyl chloride analog sound

Best ALBUMS Of 2022 So Far – May 2022

Who doesn’t love looking at lists of the best albums of 2022 so far? It’s been a great year music-wise so far and I can’t wait to see what else the year has in store. Keep in mind, I can’t discover every great record, so feel free to leave a comment on some of your

Back in Buffalo | SPACED Mini Tour Recap April 2022

Yet another mini-tour is in the books with SPACED and I can’t be more stoked. I have the time of my life ripping these gigs, and most importantly, love visiting record shops on the road. We played in Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Allentown PA, and Scotia NY, all of which ruled. Nevertheless, I bought the