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Guest Mix: Roots Reggae and Classic Dancehall with Charlie Dark | My Analog Journal Today is Monday and the annoying sound of fireworks appears to have finally faded. I had a nice holiday weekend and I hope you did as well. Truth be told, I’m glad the never-ending stream of fireworks is over. Seemed to be much more intense this year than others. Regardless, above is an excellent

Guest Mix: Peruvian Chicha/Cumbia with Cal Jader | My Analog Journal The regular season of the NFL is just about finished, giving me great joy as the Buffalo Bills have finished their best regular-season performance I’ve ever witnessed. As I do with any joyous occasion, I put on a few records and enjoy the moment of happiness. Nevertheless, above is yet another My Analog Journal

UK Jazz on Vinyl with Yemeksepeti Banabi | My Analog Journal As I prepare my best albums of 2020 list, My Analog Journal has played a primary role in the music I listen to while editing. I plan on releasing my favorite records of the year by the end of the week and I look forward to doing so. As terrible as this year has

Guest Mix: Rare Records from the USSR with Adam Kvasnica | My Analog Journal The semester is coming to an end, which means I’ll finally be done with the dreadful sluggishness attached to going to school frequently. I have a few assignments left, and I’ll never have to attend another class again. Still, as happy as I am to graduate, there were a lot of valuable classes I