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UK Jazz and Groove with Tina Edwards I’m currently on a run with SPACED and haven’t had a lot of time to write. Regardless, here is a UK Jazz and Groove playlist from My Analog Journal. As said on the channel, Tina Edwards is a London-based broadcaster, DJ, and music journalist, recognized for being an early and ongoing champion of the

90s Hip-Hop records at Mastersounds HQ | My Analog Journal

Yet another video from My Analog Journal, this time featuring 90s Hip-Hop records. Nevertheless, I hope your week is going well. I’m finally able to leave quarantine (with a mask on). Maybe I’ll go to a park tomorrow. Woo-hoo. From My Analog Journal Ryan Shaw is a DJ, record collector, and founder of the multi-award-winning

Salsa Records from Venezuela with Gia Fu

Wow, yet another My Analog Journal video on OutOfShapeMusic. Who would’ve guessed! As said best in the salsa records video, Gia Fu is a DJ, selector, and producer based in Hong Kong. She primarily focuses on digging and spinning Salsa and mambo gems everywhere she goes, also diving deep into all Afro-Latin music, disco, and

Guest Mix: Dub, Roots and Lovers Rock with Haseeb Iqbal | My Analog Journal The seasonal cold has appeared to strike me down since yesterday. As annoying as any illness is, that entire experience is amplified due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Though I tested negative and am vaccinated, boosted, and previously had COVID-19, you never know what can happen nowadays. Regardless, above is yet another video from