After Music Streaming Ends, What Comes Next in How We Listen to Music?

Since the inception of music, it’s always been a difficult notion for any person to predict the future of how we listen to music. Besides just listening to music, buying music has vastly changed since the mid to late 20th century.   Despite the difficulties attached to predicting anything, it’s an exciting idea to discuss

Top 5 Music Documentaries to Check Out

Documentaries are a fantastic way to dive into any subject matter and learn a vast amount of information fairly quickly. Whether it’s a smash hit of a documentary like Tiger King or something more Indie, who doesn’t love a good documentary?   Over the years, I have watched numerous music documentaries that have blown me

What Makes an Album Iconic?

No matter the specifics of a musical endeavor or genre, there are iconic albums in every music facet. Whether it’s rock, rap, jazz, blues, country, or any other genre you can think of, numerous albums are regarded by many as being milestones in the genre. As humans, we use what’s around us for influence. Family

10 Essential Jazz Musicians

Jazz music is arguably one of the most fascinating genres in the entire spectrum of music. Whether it’s the improvisational tone, innovative pushing boundary, or the history behind it, jazz is remarkable for countless reasons that most music genres don’t have. Despite the innovative landmark of jazz music as a whole, many standard music listeners

How Will Music Look in 2021?

With the ongoing pandemic, many music fans and musicians are uncertain about what to expect in the upcoming year. It’s safe to say the rest of 2020 is a wash for any live concerts, but how will this notion translate next year and the years to follow? As heartbreaking as it is for us to