What is Music Listening Fatigue and How to Snap Out Of It

As music fanatics, our love for music can be nearly impossible to describe with practically everything we do accompany by an intake of music. Whether it’s exercising, going for a drive, working, trying to sleep, or anything for that matter, there tends to be a piece of music that’s associated with whatever it is we’re

5 Essential Mathcore Albums

Diving into alternate or non-mainstream music is a common theme for music fanatics or non-traditional music fans to do. Of these potential off-shoot genres, mathcore is a fascinating genre that’s similar to math-rock, but significantly heavier and much more intense. Mathcore is defined as a subgenre of hardcore punk and metalcore influenced by post-hardcore, extreme

The Role of Music in Films

When someone thinks of the broad term of music, generally their favorite artist or musician comes to their mind before anything else. All of us have a preferred niche when it comes to music, whether it’s something extremely mainstream or out of the ordinary, we all have our own opinions. Aside from the standard role

Great Indie Acoustic Albums

The pair of indie and acoustic seem to go together more than anything else. It’s always interesting to look at a specific genre of music and recommend a few key records from it. If you’re interested in listening to or purchasing any of the records listed below, click on the title of one for a