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Compiling My Best Albums of 2022 List

Procrastinating day after the other, imagining aspirations will get done on their own, is a commonality I experience that most can probably relate with. With the year coming to a close, I’m beginning to compile my best albums of 2022 list, and it’s been quite fun. Like the previous years, I’m using the NeverEndingChartRendering tool

Best Record Player Setup For Beginners

When I started collecting vinyl years ago, I needed clarification on where to begin with a record player setup. If you’re in a similar position, as a way to help, I figured I’d list what I feel is the best record player setup for beginners and isn’t the cheap all-in-one turntables that are advertised across

Essential Jazz Albums to Own On Vinyl

Starting a record collection may appear daunting, but it’s pretty enjoyable, particularly in the world of jazz. To help, I compiled a few essential jazz albums to own on vinyl. Even if you’re not the most significant jazz fan, it’s worth giving these albums a listen. Click on their respective links or image if interested.

Best ALBUMS Of 2022 So Far – October 2022

Nothing is better than listening to new tunes, and 2022 has been an immaculate year for music. As miserable as the average day is, at least we have a plethora of records to digest. Fun! I still have many records on my list to check out, but for now, here are the best albums of