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Live Music Recommendations #39 – Sonic Youth Full Set | From The Basement Sonic Youth has been a massive influence on my interest in music since I remember first listening to them in middle school. It’s a shame the group is no longer a thing, but I’ll always cherish the number of great records and performances they put on throughout their career. Above is their 2007 performance

Live Music Recommendations #35 – Mantra – Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Trent Reznor Recently, I began watching clips from Sound City, a documentary about the history of the Sound City recording studio in Los Angeles, where some of the greatest rock albums of all time were perfected and recorded. The primary focus of the film features Dave Grohl and his journey regarding the studio after it closed

Live Music Recommendations #17 – Daughters – Live in The K! Pit (2019) Noise rock and experimental music, in general, has always fascinated me with the boundaries bands in the genres are willing to go. In 2018, my love for this genre became even stronger after my discovery of the band Daughters.  Daughters has been around since 2002, originally starting out as a math and grindcore group

Live Music Recommendations #14 – Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There? (1980) Considering I’ve written about Pink Floyd an endless amount number of times on this website, why not write about them again? This Live Music Recommendation features a performance by Pink Floyd from The Wall Live Tour on August 9, 1980.  Is There Anybody Out There? isn’t amongst the group’s most notable work, but it’s