live music recommendations

Live Music Recommendations #10 – Blind Melon – Live Woodstock ’94 Blind Melon, one of the most popular bands from the 1990s came to an unfortunate demise after their lead singer, Shannon Hood, died in 1995. Outside of their mainstream success with songs like No Rain and Change, the group had an interesting sound crossed between alternative rock, grunge, and neo-psychedelia.  This concert features Blind

Live Music Recommendations #9 – Nirvana – Live at the Paramount (1991) What better band to recommend for a Live Music Recommendation than Nirvana? One of my personal favorites from the 1990s, Nirvana’s legendary performance at the Paramount in 1991 is a must-watch for any Nirvana or music fan in general.   The group has a great set-list featuring some of their best b-sides including an

Live Music Recommendations #8 – Rush – Live in Rio 2003 As far as rock and progressive rock music are concerned, it’s hard to find a better group than Rush. Since Neil Peart’s passing in January this year, I found myself diving back into Rush’s discography. Considering they were one of my favorite bands growing up, it was nostalgic and a breathe of familiar air,

Live Music Recommendations #7 – Mac DeMarco – Live at Primavera Sound 2017 At this point, it’s challenging to think about how much I miss shows. Outside of just my overall want and need to play a show, there’s an equal interest to attend one as well. Rather than focus on this upsetting reality, we can only focus on moving forward and when it can be safe

Live Music Recommendations #5 – Rage Against the Machine – Live Woodstock ’99 Rage Against the Machine is one of the most iconic bands for all of the right reasons. Their songwriting, sound, message, and everything surrounding the band is something not many bands can accomplish.   This live music recommendation is Rage Against the Machine live from Woodstock ‘99. Woodstock ‘99 has a lot of notoriety