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Live Music Recommendations #15 – Sonic Youth – Live at Campo Pequeno Lisboa 1993 Yet another live music recommendation is upon us, which always seems to brighten up my day. As mundane or tedious each day seems, at least we have music to cheer us up. Although that statement is a bit of cheese-fest, does it matter all that much? I can go on forever, but who cares

Live Music Recommendations #13 – Toe Live in Buenos Aires 2018 As the school year approaches, I’m beginning to feel uncertain about the future. Questioning whether or not it’s worth moving forward with whatever specific endeavor I see myself in. Fortunately enough, the cheesy expression of music keeps me going has never felt so real. This installment of Live Music Recommendation features a performance by

Live Music Recommendations #11 – Queens of the Stone Age – Live Montreux Festival (2018) It’s challenging to find another band that has a similar sound to Queens of the Stone Age. Vocal deliveries, off filtered guitar playing, driving drums, and mischievous yet catchy tunes encompasses who Queens of the Stone Age is. I’ve been a fan of the group for quite some time and their 2013 record …Like

Live Music Recommendations #3 – Sunny Day Real Estate Live VHS (1999) There isn’t anything I miss more than live music. Fortunately enough, platforms like YouTube grant me some form of relief by allowing me the ability to watch live concerts from the past. This post of Live Music Recommendations features a performance by emo-rock pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate. As I’ve spoken in previous articles,