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JPEGMAFIA | Interview | Cambridge Union (1/2) ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Barrington Hendrick, known artistically as JPEGMAFIA, is an American rapper and producer from Baltimore, Maryland. Hendrick’s work is highly unusual and experimental in nature, blending and blurring genre, extensive sampling and digital distortion into a critically-acclaimed body of work which ranges from a cover of “Call Me Maybe” to the “Darkskin

New Music Releases – July 28th to August 2nd, 2020

Another Sunday is upon us, which means another installment of New Music Releases. It’s always interesting to go through a sluggish week and all of a sudden a piece of music comes out that changes your entire outlook on the week.   This week didn’t have too much music that interested me, but the records

New Music Releases – June 27th to July 3rd, 2020

Another week has gone by, which means more music is available for us to consume. That being said, here is another installment of New Music Releases, a quick recap of tracks or records that I enjoyed this past week. Some of these artists are more notable than others, but who cares about notoriety. As long