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Essential Jazz Albums to Own On Vinyl

Starting a record collection may appear daunting, but it’s pretty enjoyable, particularly in the world of jazz. To help, I compiled a few essential jazz albums to own on vinyl. Even if you’re not the most significant jazz fan, it’s worth giving these albums a listen. Click on their respective links or image if interested.

Another Day | Jazzy Beats | 1 Hour Playlist

https://youtu.be/6fE_KuyoAsI I don’t know why I love these random jazz playlists. Nothing better than listening to tunes while going about your day. This hour-long playlist features jazzy beats with a focus on it being another day. Although every day is another day, today is Halloween, and I hope you enjoy your time with it. Unless

Sunset Drive | Jazzy Beats | 1 Hour Playlist

https://youtu.be/BrIz42llJZg I’m having the time of my life on tour with SPACED right now. England is quite a fascinating place, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. For now, enjoy this sunset drive playlist that features jazz beats for an hour. As depicted in the video, it’s inspired by those warm summer drives at

Calming Jazz Records | My Analog Journal

https://youtu.be/_EKh6b3I91A Why not add some calming jazz records to your Wednesday? I’ve been having a great week with SPACED and have a hometown gig in Buffalo tonight. It should be an interesting one. Nevertheless, in this episode from My Analog Journal, Zag and Shaqdi play a selection of jazz records in their London studio that