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Calming Jazz Records | My Analog Journal

https://youtu.be/_EKh6b3I91A Why not add some calming jazz records to your Wednesday? I’ve been having a great week with SPACED and have a hometown gig in Buffalo tonight. It should be an interesting one. Nevertheless, in this episode from My Analog Journal, Zag and Shaqdi play a selection of jazz records in their London studio that

Space Funk and Cosmic Jazz Beats with Micaela Grei | My Analog Journal

https://youtu.be/Dm4HUjunhQU As said from My Analog Journal, Micaela Grei is a dedicated selector and half of the Loose Leaf Collective. Her music is about beauty in difference. There is no genre restriction here and Loose Leaf go far and wide to bring mind-expanding jazz, enthralling fusion work, and outstanding instrumentals to their listeners.  Although most