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Live Music Recommendations #70 – IDLES at Primavera Sound 2022 Tracklist Colossus 0:00 Car Crash 9:11 Mr. Motivator 14:45 Grounds 19:00 Mother 23:22 Divide and Conquer 27:02 Never Fight a Man With a Perm 30:35 Crawl! 35:35 A Hymn 40:06 War 45:15 Love Song 49:14 I’m Scum 58:30 Danny Nedelko 1:03:25 Rottweiler 1:10:50 Joe MorgantiI’m 24 from Buffalo, NY, and graduated from SUNY Buffalo

Live Music Recommendations #69 – IDLES Full Set | From The Basement Watch IDLES’ full set here produced in collaboration with WeTransfer and Sonos Radio. This set includes recordings of tracks from IDLES’ album Crawler.  00:00 – MTT 420 RR 06:51 – Meds 11:19 – Car Crash  15:34 – When The Lights Come On 19:50 – The Wheel 23:32 – The Beachland Ballroom 28:10 – Wizz

New Music Releases – August 10th to 16th, 2020

A new week has gone by, which means another onslaught of new music has spawned into reality. This past week had a lot of great tracks from some of my favorite groups, which always adds a bit of brightness to my life.   It’s interesting to see the days go by and age into an

New Music Releases – July 12th to July 19th, 2020

It’s Sunday, which means it time for me to make a list of new music from this week that I found compelling. Keep in mind, I most likely missed out on a lot of great tracks and records. Regardless of this, let’s take a look! If you’re interested in buying or listening to any of