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Fatal Visions – Demo 2022

My friends released their Demo the other day, and I can’t recommend it enough. Hardcore rocks, and nothing is better than a new hardcore band to enjoy and digest. This 5-track demo is everything you could want, so give it a listen. Listen to it here. About the Demo Released September 23, 2022 Recorded and

Snapcase Warped Tour 1997 Buffalo

https://youtu.be/VJwnVqeU_JE Brooklyn Vegan is doing a great vinyl reissue of Snapcase’s 1997 sophomore album Progression Through Unlearning in celebration of its 25th anniversary. It’s an exclusive transparent yellow vinyl variant, limited to just 250 copies. Definitely worth copping, and while you’re at it, check out this live video of Snapcase from Warped Tour 1997 Buffalo.

SPACED – Binghamton, NY – 6.2.22

https://youtu.be/SF22EWBBmC8 I had another fantastic with SPACED and Feet First Productions filmed us performing at the Bundy Annex in Binghamton, New York on June 2nd, 2022. Anklebiter, Big Shot, Deal With God, and Bunk also performed. Nothing is better than ripping a gig. SETLIST Intro Your Universe New Song Think I Am New Song #2

Live Music Recommendations #68 – Cloakroom – Brooklyn, NY – 5.15.22

Feet First Productions has a great video of Cloakroom and the group’s performance in Brooklyn a few days ago. I’m currently dealing with another bout with COVID-19 (I’m triple vaxxed and had COVID-19 FYI) so I’ll be watching countless live videos and movies over the next few days until my quarantine is over. Yay for