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The Importance Of Pink Moon By Nick Drake

Pink Moon by Nick Drake has emerged as my favorite album of all time. Though this ranking flips every so often, I love this record. For those who don’t know, Pink Moon was released two years before Drake’s death in November 1974, at the age of 26.   The lyrical content of Pink Moon deals

Guitar as a Textural Device: Standard Tuning Slide | Eric Haugen Guitar Nothing is better than spending Sundays watching obscure guitar videos on YouTube. Above is a fantastic video from Eric Haugen discussing guitar as a textural device and the standard tuning slide. As noted by Haugen, guitar doesn’t have to be complicated; one well-paced swoop can change the entire feel of a song. Therein lies the

How I Discovered Guitar

Although writing about this is typically best suited for people who have made a name for themselves, some of you might get some form of interest and entertainment out of this. Since I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with music in every degree. Despite my early adolescence struggle with speech, I had a