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Live Music Recommendations #66 – Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You Live on SNL As much as SNL has declined over the years humor-wise, the show still remains one of my favorites for viewing concerts. You can say all you want about the show not willing to take risks in comedy and its more-or-less PG humor, but the music portion still rocks. Nevertheless, Frank Ocean’s performance of Thinkin

Happy Monday, Listen to Blonde by Frank Ocean Even without school or a typical 9 to 5 job, Mondays still feel the absolute worst. I assume it’s a pre-determined feeling due to being in school all of my life, and the task of having to power through an entire week of school. No one enjoys that. Even if you have a few

How Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Became an Instant Classic I became a fan of Frank Ocean after his 2016 release, Blonde, and I knew as soon I heard it that it’d be regarded as one of the best albums from 2016 and the decade as a whole. As much of an overstatement as that might sound, it’s challenging to find an artist who

Live Music Recommendations #32 – Frank Ocean – Live on SNL (2012) Frank Ocean is one of the most enthralling artists in the modern Avante-Garde and R&B spectrum, with his 2016 release Blonde being one of my favorite records from the last ten years. If you’re a fan of Ocean, you know how rare it is for him to perform live or be in the public