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The Last Thing You Hear Before You Die: Everywhere at the End of Time

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doIBgtpKw6E Volksgeist recently did a video on the last thing you hear before you die, and more specifically, a highlight on Everywhere at the End of Time,  a series of Music from the Caretaker that explores dementia, its advancement, and its totality. A subject like death is obviously a serious one and one that is

Everywhere at the End of Time – A Series of Music Exploring Dementia, its Advancement and its Totality

Experimental music is generally thought of as an innovative or boundary-pushing genre of music. Given its broad name, it’s challenging to pinpoint any particular piece of music and classify everything around it as an exploratory track or record. There are a lot of qualities that encompass the experimental landscape, some of which are more audacious