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Why Disney Is Destroying Movie Theaters

I know I typically don’t write film-oriented videos on back to back days, but who cares. It’s my blog, I can do what I want! Regardless, this video from Karsten Runquist really caught my eye. It discusses how Disney is destroying Movie Theaters, particularly with the company taking a majority of timeslots at a theater.

An Unusual Break From Movies

If you’ve been following my blog, you might know I have a goal of viewing over 300 movies this year. I’ve been following that goal closely, watching just under a film a day. Lately, that average has increased exponentially, though I feel like I’m at an odd crossroads. So, I decided to take a couple

What I Watched in April – 2022 Movie Viewing List

I can’t get enough movies in my life. There is something magical about sitting down and viewing a film, whether it’s in a theatre or home setting. As I’ve done throughout the year, here is my current 2022 movie viewing list, with April consisting of a hefty list. Also, follow me on Letterboxd here. Scale

EARLY 2023 Oscar Predictions

https://youtu.be/WVRaEI1avk4 I can’t get enough of The Oscar Expert and their latest video detailing early 2023 Oscar predictions. Who doesn’t love content like that? Given that I have a bit of an obsession with film, videos like this are great for me to keep an eye out for any films I should be excited about.