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1 Hour of Late Night Driving Doomer Jazz The title says it all. Tracklist 0:00 | Scott W. Hallgreen – Film Noir 3:03 | Chet Baker – Don’t Explain 6:31 | Bernard Herrmann – Night Piece for Saxophone & Orchestra (Taxi Driver Theme) 14:33 | Bohren & der Club of Gore – Prowler 19:38 | Manet – Vendredi Noir 26:05 | Miles

1 Hour of Late Night Driving Doomer Jazz What better way to celebrate the terrible sentiment of a Monday than to listen to a driving doomer jazz playlist. As defined by Urban Dictionary, doomer refers to a person (usually a millennial or generation Z) who has experienced apparent hardship (relationship breakup, job loss, failure, etc.) and has become fully immersed in apathy,