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Forgotten Dreams – Dark Ambient Music Mix

https://youtu.be/O5p2ZX7UU9w My apologies for the lack of writings lately. I’ve been on the road and haven’t had much time or motivation to write in a normal capacity. I hope to get back into the groove of things once I’m back home in a couple of days, as well as some new stuff, such as a

How Spongebob Explored Existential Nihilism

Who doesn’t love Spongebob? I recently discovered Karsten Runquist’s YouTube channel and can’t get enough of the content on it. It’s inspiring me to do something similar someday (hopefully if my procrastination doesn’t get the best of me). Regardless, Karsten has a video detailing how Spongebob explored existential nihilism. Intriguing, right? Give it a viewing.