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Concerts Return to a Sense of Normalcy in New Zealand

Being in the United States is devastating enough with how the country’s useless administration has failed to control COVID-19. More specifically, as a musician, it makes me wonder when shows will ever come back, with the hope 2021 will have some answers, but I’m not sure if that’s too much of an optimistic angle. Of

The COVID-19 Impact On Buffalo’s Record Stores

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic rampaging across the globe, many businesses have been flipped on their heels trying to think of creative ways to continue business while following required health procedures. Most people are aware of the troublesome reality restaurants and other more common businesses have faced throughout this challenging time. Still, many aren’t aware

The Rise Of Livestream Concerts During COVID-19

The modern age of COVID-19 has plagued across the globe, resulting in countless casualties, deaths, the closing of businesses, evictions, and much more. With no real-end in sight aside from a potential vaccine, we have adjusted and made this modern reality our new normal.   As sorrowful of a time we find ourselves in, it’s

How the Music Community is Being Affected by the Pandemic

Perspective creates gratitude, a notion that’s representative of countless musicians around the world who are missing out on touring and playing shows. Although it’s difficult to look at any specific scenario in this new reality and complain about it, musicians and entertainers in general, have been severely affected by it. If you told someone a