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Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon (61 Minute Version) I hope your holiday weekend was a splendid one. I remember the joyous overtones that met throughout my body for much of my youth whenever there was a holiday. It didn’t matter what that holiday was, as long as I had off of school, that was the part for celebration. It seems like an

Brian Eno – New Space Music My early introduction to ambient music occurred during my youth while spending hours every day mindlessly wandering and crafting in Minecraft. Although Minecraft’s soundtrack certainly falls on the video game score realm, its musical pieces are unquestionably in the ambient spectrum. The textures of ambient music immediately intrigued me, provoking me to further explore

Brian Eno on How to Make Original Ambient Music I’ve been a fan of ambient music for a number of years, with Brian Eno being my primary introduction to the genre. Eno is arguably the most influential musician in the ambient field, making it an interesting subject of how he actually crafts his music. The video above is from BBC Click and details

Albums to Meditate to

Meditation is an interesting practice that most individuals don’t do. Despite its lack of mainstream appeal, meditation has a strong niche attached to it, and for the right reasons.  For the most part, benefits linked to meditation include the ability to manage stress, increased self-awareness, a focused presence, reduced negative emotion, and much more. Of