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black midi – Chondromalacia Patella Black midi has been on my radar since their 2019 release, Schlagenheim. For those that don’t know, black midi is an experimental rock, math rock, noise, and post-punk group that consists of Geordie Greep (vocals, guitar), Matt Kwasniewski-Kelvin (vocals, guitar), Cameron Picton (vocals, bass guitar, synths) and Morgan Simpson (drums). The group’s upcoming full-length,

black midi – Performance & Interview (Live on KEXP at Home) black midi is one of my favorite modern groups in the rock spectrum. Their music tends to encompass components of experimental rock, math rock, noise rock, and post-punk. If you’re a fan of anything related to the progressive rock world, you’ll certainly enjoy black midi quite a bit. Their 2019 debut Schlagenheim is fantastic