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Why Disney Is Destroying Movie Theaters

I know I typically don’t write film-oriented videos on back to back days, but who cares. It’s my blog, I can do what I want! Regardless, this video from Karsten Runquist really caught my eye. It discusses how Disney is destroying Movie Theaters, particularly with the company taking a majority of timeslots at a theater.

An Unusual Break From Movies

If you’ve been following my blog, you might know I have a goal of viewing over 300 movies this year. I’ve been following that goal closely, watching just under a film a day. Lately, that average has increased exponentially, though I feel like I’m at an odd crossroads. So, I decided to take a couple

What I Watched in April – 2022 Movie Viewing List

I can’t get enough movies in my life. There is something magical about sitting down and viewing a film, whether it’s in a theatre or home setting. As I’ve done throughout the year, here is my current 2022 movie viewing list, with April consisting of a hefty list. Also, follow me on Letterboxd here. Scale

How Spongebob Explored Existential Nihilism

Who doesn’t love Spongebob? I recently discovered Karsten Runquist’s YouTube channel and can’t get enough of the content on it. It’s inspiring me to do something similar someday (hopefully if my procrastination doesn’t get the best of me). Regardless, Karsten has a video detailing how Spongebob explored existential nihilism. Intriguing, right? Give it a viewing.