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Forgotten Dreams – Dark Ambient Music Mix My apologies for the lack of writings lately. I’ve been on the road and haven’t had much time or motivation to write in a normal capacity. I hope to get back into the groove of things once I’m back home in a couple of days, as well as some new stuff, such as a

How Aphex Twin Spurned the 90s Dance Mainstream I haven’t shared a Trash Theory video in a minute, with their latest focusing on Aphex Twin spurning the 1990s dance mainstream. I love dance, ambient, and experimental music, making Aphex Twin an obvious enjoyment factor for me. Nevertheless, as said by Trash Theory: For most of the 90s, Aphex Twin ran counter to

Experimental, Ambient, and Contemporary Classical | My Analog Journal Now that I’m back home, it wouldn’t be typical of me not to share a My Analog Journal video. This video features experimental, ambient, and contemporary classical, featuring countless great tracks to dive into. Can’t say it enough, nothing is better than music. Except for maybe film and literature. Who knows! Tracklist 0:44 Portofino

Evolution of Post-Rock (1989 – 2017) It’s fascinating to compare a specific genre over time, analyzing how it evolves like an ever-growing changing medium. Post-rock is one of the best genres to do so. A genre that’s described with a focus on exploring surfaces and resonance over traditional song structures, chords, or riffs. Sv3rige has a great video highlighting the