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Alone and Peace | Beautiful Ambient Mix I have a hard time concentrating on most days. Tiredly waiting for something to happen, not realizing the only way to do anything is by actually doing it. An obvious notion that I constantly fail to realize. Maybe tomorrow will be a new day, but I expect it to be the same. Thankfully, my

25 Best Ambient Albums of All Time According to Reddit Reddit and discord are great places to discover new music. Sure, there are annoying trolls who can potentially ruin the experience for everyone. Still, for the most part, finding the right community and ignoring the few trolls allows the experience to be mostly beneficial. I recently read a fantastic Reddit post detailing 25 of

‘Afterglow’ Ambient Mix I’ve been in a bit of a downward spiral the last couple of days after getting either food poisoning or some sort of stomach bug on Monday. I always have a hard time dealing with any sickness, no matter how minor it seems. Thankfully, the stomach cramps and nausea appear to be fading. It