Live Music Recommendations #9 – Nirvana – Live at the Paramount (1991) What better band to recommend for a Live Music Recommendation than Nirvana? One of my personal favorites from the 1990s, Nirvana’s legendary performance at the Paramount in 1991 is a must-watch for any Nirvana or music fan in general.   The group has a great set-list featuring some of their best b-sides including an

The Modern Wave of Reimagined Music

Remixes, otherwise known as re-imaginations or re-recordings of songs, seem to be trends that come and go in the musical landscape. In recent memory, many artists are releasing previously released music under a new rendition of the track.   The rendition can be anything from an acoustic or full-band variation of it or the same

New Music Releases – July 28th to August 2nd, 2020

Another Sunday is upon us, which means another installment of New Music Releases. It’s always interesting to go through a sluggish week and all of a sudden a piece of music comes out that changes your entire outlook on the week.   This week didn’t have too much music that interested me, but the records

After Music Streaming Ends, What Comes Next in How We Listen to Music?

Since the inception of music, it’s always been a difficult notion for any person to predict the future of how we listen to music. Besides just listening to music, buying music has vastly changed since the mid to late 20th century.   Despite the difficulties attached to predicting anything, it’s an exciting idea to discuss

Live Music Recommendations #8 – Rush – Live in Rio 2003 As far as rock and progressive rock music are concerned, it’s hard to find a better group than Rush. Since Neil Peart’s passing in January this year, I found myself diving back into Rush’s discography. Considering they were one of my favorite bands growing up, it was nostalgic and a breathe of familiar air,