Live Music Recommendations #26 – Lomelda on Audiotree Live This Live Music Recommendations features a performance from Lomelda, a folk and indie-pop project led by Hannah Read. Read is the songwriter and creative force behind Lomelda, which signed to Double Double Whammy a few years back. Lomelda recently released Hannah, an excellent full-length album that’s on my contender for one of the best

Why You Should Support Your Local Record Store

Since the eruption of the digital age, physical entities such as vinyl records and CDs have seen a decline in revenue since their heyday years prior. In recent times, vinyl has seen a resurgence in interest and has actually outsold CDs for the first time in decades. Like any other field, the mass populous appeal

What’s to Come in 2021 for Music?

Since the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless industries and individuals across the world have been devastatingly hit from this virus. More specifically with the music industry, many music fanatics are left uncertain with what’s to come in the music industry. Of course, the effect of COVID-19 is much more of a concern than when

The Genius of Kaoru Abe Going back to the current October theme of discussing vital Japanese musicians, this article features a prominent look at avant-garde saxophonist Kaoru Abe. Abe was a significant part of the experimental avante-garde free jazz genre, pushing the genre forward with his powerful sax and writing. Abe began as a self-taught musician in the late