My Dad’s Favorite Albums (Happy Father’s Day)

Sharon Nahill says:

Your dad is truly a remarkable Individual. You are blessed.

Nelson Foote says:

Your dad’s a Social D fan? I knew i liked that guy for some reason!
Seriously though, Thanks for posting this. Your dad’s been a huge influence on my photography goals.

Les Thompson says:

I’ve been following your dads tutorials on YouTube for quite a few years and through his Openness & honesty feel i know your whole family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & a great tribute to your dad.

James Aquino says:

Beautiful words from your son. His words touched me, I can only Imagine how powerful they were for you!
Belated happy father’s day to you.
Thanks for what you do for ALL of us!

Dennis Ekman says:

I have followed your dad for years now, made a few contributions along the way, and learned a lot from his many tutorials. If I were to describe your dad in one word it would be ………..integrity
That’s no small trait as it’s rather rare these days.

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