Adventure to Motivate

Adventure to Motivate

Recently, I’ve been feeling uncreative, unmotivated, unwilling to pick up a guitar and play. I was in a musical rut, worse than writer’s block. I was physically and mentally detached from a thing I loved the most. At times I realized how I was spending my time and how I could be spending my time

Reflecting On My Experience With Cancer

Although this is primarily a music website, occasionally I like to dive deep into random thoughts I might have. This is a previously written work I did for school this past semester. It’s edited a bit since it’s original posting, but it’s essentially me reflecting on my experience with cancer at a young age. It’s

Where Do We Go From Here?

BUFFALO, NY – Where do we go from here? A question that not only has an existential demeanor attached to it, but a profound reality tied to our current predicament. The unfortunate truth with our current reality makes individuals feel bleak and sorrowful as to what’s to come next. It’s nearly impossible to look at