The Beauty in the World

The Beauty in the World

I walked with my girlfriend Sydney down the street to get ice cream last night. It was a moment of exaltation and calmness, an unusual feat considering the person I am. Warmth filled the world around us and the quick five-minute stroll prompted me to appreciate the beauty in the world. The musty street for

What’s The Point Of All This?

Diving deep into thoughts that have nothing to do with music may seem like an odd effort on a music blog. After all, the few of you that do read this from time to time won’t want to waste your time reading some guy’s random thoughts on the internet. With that being said, the internet

Writing and Vinyl

Today is Thursday, a day that doesn’t mean much to most people other than being reasonably close to the weekend. Wednesday is the middle day that gets people closer to the notion of a weekend, while Monday and Tuesday are the beginning of a heavy work week. Friday is the day for most excitement, Saturday

Positivity Through Music

I’m not one to discuss personal matters all that much or detail them in a sense where it seems like I’m nothing more than a vexatious sack of cells. Although my usual pessimistic description might seem like much, it can be a burdensome matter for me when I’m not feeling right.   Still, this isn’t