Documenting America’s Underbelly – ALL GAS NO BRAKES

Documenting America’s Underbelly – ALL GAS NO BRAKES Listen, I know this is technically a music blog/website, but I haven’t written a non-music blog in a long time. Plus, who cares, I can write about whatever I want. Vice recently did a short documentary on ALL GAS NO BRAKES, an excellent YouTube and Patreon show featuring Andrew Callaghan as he captures the

Positivity Through Music

I’m not one to discuss personal matters all that much or detail them in a sense where it seems like I’m nothing more than a vexatious sack of cells. Although my usual pessimistic description might seem like much, it can be a burdensome matter for me when I’m not feeling right.   Still, this isn’t

The Role of Music in Films

When someone thinks of the broad term of music, generally their favorite artist or musician comes to their mind before anything else. All of us have a preferred niche when it comes to music, whether it’s something extremely mainstream or out of the ordinary, we all have our own opinions. Aside from the standard role

Lyrics as Literature

Out of all the avenues for human expression, songwriting can connect people on a global scale. Though when looking at lyrics as a literary concept, the literature community seems to disagree. Many do not believe that song lyrics can be considered literature. The most recent example of this was when Bob Dylan won the Nobel