Cataloging My Book and Graphic Novel Collection

Cataloging My Book and Graphic Novel Collection

In typical Joe fashion, I decided to finally catalog my book and graphic novel collection. Though this isn’t my complete collection (a few friends are borrowing books, etc), it’s close enough where I think it’s worth sharing. Keep in mind that some of these books were during strange phases of my life, so don’t judge

Remembering Mark Fisher

There has been no greater influence on my writing and passion for politics, music, and literature, than from Mark Fisher. Though I didn’t discover Fisher until a few years ago, his blogging for radical politics, music and popular culture gave me the inspiration to create a blog myself. I can only hope to develop this

What I Read This Year – My FAVORITE Books of 2021

The last week of 2021 is here, allowing me to make my end-of-year lists and act like I have a respectable and notable voice in the world of literature, music, and cinema. One can only dream. Starting off this week, I thought I’d share all of the books, graphic novels, short stories, and comics I

The Beauty of a Short Story – Ted Chiang’s ‘Understand’

The ludicrous sound of cicadas altered my ability to have a decent set of sleep last night. Not enjoyable in the slightest, but it granted me the opportunity to read a few short stories from Ted Chiang until my need for sleep overtook the channel of cicadas. I discovered Chiang from a podcast with Director