Wong Kar-wai | Philosopher of Loneliness

Wong Kar-wai | Philosopher of Loneliness

I’ve seen four films from the masterful Wong Kar-wai so far and I can’t get enough of them. I’m almost mad at myself that I haven’t doven into Wong Kar-wai’s films sooner. Better late than never I suppose. Regardless, this video from Crystal Li is a great introduction to Wong Kar-wai, particularly his ability to

Quentin Tarantino Reveals His Favorite Filmmakers of All Time

Yet another day with COVID-19 and here I am writing about a video where Quentin Tarantino reveals his favorite filmmakers of all time. These film directors inspired Tarantino the most in his formative years and shaped much of who he is as a filmmaker today. Check it out! The Filmmakers Howard Hawks Samuel Fuller Brian

The Movies We Like When We’re 14

Taylor J. Williams has a great video discussing the idea of movies we like when we’re 14. I thought this was a fascinating video since our tastes are constantly changing and a person’s teenage years tend to be the moment where self-proclaimed film buffs branch out and compile their favorite lists. So what are some

Why Disney Is Destroying Movie Theaters

I know I typically don’t write film-oriented videos on back to back days, but who cares. It’s my blog, I can do what I want! Regardless, this video from Karsten Runquist really caught my eye. It discusses how Disney is destroying Movie Theaters, particularly with the company taking a majority of timeslots at a theater.