Back Home From My First European Tour

Back Home From My First European Tour

I apologize for my lack of blogs over the last few weeks. If you didn’t know, I was on tour with SPACED supporting Comeback Kid on their European tour. It was an extraordinary time and an experience that’ll be impossible to forget, with it being my first time in Europe for anything. I’ve wanted to

Order My Bands Debut 12″ | SPACED – Spaced Jams

SPACED released a compilation of our entire discography plus three new songs on Friday, titled Spaced Jams. I’m gassed to finally have something printed on vinyl, so consider ordering one here. Tracklist 1. Prove You Wrong 2. Tear It Apart 3. Point of View 4. Not Like You 5. Bad Energy 6. Your Universe 7.

Amazing Record Stores – Sonic Boom in Toronto, ON

I’m currently having the time of my life while on tour with SPACED for Like Pacific’s Control My Insanity Tour. Every band rules and nothing is better than ripping gigs and exploring the cities around them. Last night, we had the pleasure of playing at Hard Luck in Toronto, and of course, I had to

Rolling Stone’s Top 200 Rap Albums

Rolling Stone recently wrote an article on the Top 200 Rap Albums and in typical Rolling Stone list fashion, the list is a bit rough. Truthfully, I feel like the list was perfectly formulated to evoke as much rage as possible from the average reader. Who knows, maybe I’m just a jerk. Regardless, check out