The Inventors of Post Rock: Talk Talk

The Inventors of Post Rock: Talk Talk

Since I first discovered what a guitar pedal could do, my early interest in it led me down a rabbit hole to discover post-rock. Post-rock is a fascinating genre for the long musical pieces and musicianship attached to the artists associated with the genre. However, unlike most genres of music, post-rock hasn’t been around for

Pad Chennington’s Top 13 Disturbing Albums on the Internet With Halloween around the corner, I felt inclined to take a closer look at various artists deemed disturbing or a part of a particular horror-genre of sorts. Upon my research, I discovered Pad Chennington’s video on the Top 13 Disturbing Albums on the internet. Of course, with the knowledge I was trying to find,

Henry Rollins Chats With Guitarist Steve Vai | In Partnership With The Sound Of Vinyl

Interviews tend to always interest me more when they’re more of a conversation style, especially between two musicians. A conversation style has always swayed me more to the podcast side of things instead of a traditional interview. This interview features a conversation between punk icon Henry Rollins and guitarist Steve Vai in partnership with The

A Look at My Favorite Album of All Time

Lately, I found myself venturing into a random compilation of my favorite records. Although I’m not completely done with the list, I want to a deep dive into my favorite record of all time. Other spots on my top 50 albums list tend to change as time goes on, but this record has been my