Best ALBUMS Of 2022 So Far – November 2022

Best ALBUMS Of 2022 So Far – November 2022

New tunes are everything, and I can’t stop scouring the internet for new records. Nothing is better than new music. Though new films are a close second for me (suppose it depends on my mood). Nevertheless, I look forward to my Top 50 Albums list at the end of the year. Check it out! 700

Best ALBUMS Of 2022 So Far – October 2022

Nothing is better than listening to new tunes, and 2022 has been an immaculate year for music. As miserable as the average day is, at least we have a plethora of records to digest. Fun! I still have many records on my list to check out, but for now, here are the best albums of

Foo Fighters ft. Shane Hawkins – My Hero | MTV Not enough can be said about Taylor Hawkins and the impact his drumming had on rock. His son, Shane Hawkins, joined the Foo Fighters on drums to perform My Hero at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert. Check it out. Joe MorgantiI’m 24 from Buffalo, NY, and graduated from SUNY Buffalo State in 2020 with

Best ALBUMS Of 2022 So Far – August 2022

The best part about being home from tour is to dive through all of the movies and music you missed out on over the last few weeks. Boy, have there been a lot of great records. My current favorite is Tomberlin’s latest record I don’t know who needs to hear this… Absolute masterpiece. Nevertheless, here