Albums to Meditate to

Albums to Meditate to

Meditation is an interesting practice that most individuals don’t do. Despite its lack of mainstream appeal, meditation has a strong niche attached to it, and for the right reasons.  For the most part, benefits linked to meditation include the ability to manage stress, increased self-awareness, a focused presence, reduced negative emotion, and much more. Of

What is Indie Music and is it the Future of Music?

Indie music is generally associated with indie rock or the alternative scene, but the actual definition behind it represents artists who independently create and release music. Technically speaking, every unsigned band, singer, or already established musician who left a major record deal falls under the indie category.   People pondering what is indie music? might

An Introduction to Ambient and Drone Music

It’s a fascinating study to look at a specific niche of music that is typically unknown to the mass populous. Outside of the attraction to know or enjoy something most people don’t (as hipster as it sounds), it makes our overall music digestion expand with a multitude of songs we previously wouldn’t have known.  

How the Music Community is Being Affected by the Pandemic

Perspective creates gratitude, a notion that’s representative of countless musicians around the world who are missing out on touring and playing shows. Although it’s difficult to look at any specific scenario in this new reality and complain about it, musicians and entertainers in general, have been severely affected by it. If you told someone a

The Modern Wave of Reimagined Music

Remixes, otherwise known as re-imaginations or re-recordings of songs, seem to be trends that come and go in the musical landscape. In recent memory, many artists are releasing previously released music under a new rendition of the track.   The rendition can be anything from an acoustic or full-band variation of it or the same