Compiling My End Of Year Lists

Compiling My End Of Year Lists

The end of the year is upon us, allowing me to tirelessly yet excitedly work on what I feel are some of the best releases of the year. Not only from a musical standpoint but with film as well. I have an almost equal love for cinema as I do with film, so it’ll make

VINYL UPDATE 12-3-2021

An arbitrary record collection of Joe _ Morganti. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum! 7” Bauhaus – In The Flat Field Beatles – Abbey Road Beatles – Rubber Soul Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band George Benson – Bodytalk George Benson – Breezin George Benson – In Flight  George Benson – In Concert-Carnegie

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Photo by John Vaughan. I love writing. Part of my joy for writing is largely due to it being my profession. Though there are countless SEO articles and arbitrary writing assignments I hate doing, the work that I do enjoy makes the entire process worth it. I haven’t accomplished the majority of my writing goals

Listen to ‘Two New Joints’ By SPACED

My band SPACED released a quick lil ripper Two New Joints that features two tracks Not Like You and Bad Energy. Give it a spin! I’m extremely stoked about this project and can’t wait to release more music in the future. Apple Music Spotify Bandcamp Joe Morganti